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PT Smelting has been implementing 5S culture to develop discipline as working attitude and improvement in working place, the 5S movement is the basic for other movements in achieving company target and developing company business












  5S Movement

5S Movement as a Key of Work Manners

This is to identify the necessary things and unnecessary things. The necessary ones must be put in order, while the unnecessary ones must be disposed immediately. What is important in seiri is to handle the essential cause of problem
This is to put things in order, then it can be found quickly and easily. All the things should be well arranged, while the special place, label, name tag, and other necessary sign are provided. Then it is necessary to make the storing standard and rule based on necessity.
This is to make clean the existing facilities and working area in order to find out the defects earlier. Cleaning is the responsibility of all persons. They conduct the cleaning job at their working places.
    Seiketsu (Standardization)  
This is to make the rule to keep the condition consistently. Then, the new improved standard will be achieved .
    Shitsuke (Discipline)  
All person can obtain the spirit and behavior of " KEEP THE RULES " through 5S Movement. This last S is the final target of 5S Movement.

Trough continous implementation of 5S, We can achive high discipline & good working condition.


5S Movement

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