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PT. Smelting has been using Mitsubishi Technology which has 30 years experience in operation, started from Original Mitsubishi Plant at Naoshima, Japan (1974-1991), then followed by Mitsubishi Process at Timmins, Canada (1981-2010), Large Mitsubishi Process Plant at Naoshima, Japan (1991-present time), Mitsubishi Process at Onsan, Korea and Gresik (1998-present time), Mitsubishi Process at Dahej, India (2005-present time), and partial Mitsubishi Process at Onahama, Japan (2007-present time).

Gresik Copper Smelter and Refinery was started by establishing the company on February 7, 1996. On July 12, 1996, the construction began, and finished in August 1998. Production process started in December 1998, then finally on May 28, 1999, the commercial production process began.




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